CTS - Chama Station - EB1

Chama Station, NM

GPS Location

Train-Miles from Antonito: 63.3

Train-Miles from Chama: 0

Train-Miles from Denver: 344

Elevation: 7,863'

Welcome aboard the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad.  The railroad you’ll be riding on today was originally part of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.  The 64 miles on today’s trip were all constructed in 1880. The depot you see was built in 1889 to replace the one that burned that same year in a catastrophic fire in Chama. Your docent on today’s train will have more information about the Chama station, as well as all the other points along the line.  Be sure to ask him or her all the questions you like, whether it’s about the railroad or the plants and animals or geology on your trip. Enjoy your ride! [add info about shops, exhibits, rolling stock?]