CTS - Hangman's Trestle - WB1

Hangman's Trestle, CO

GPS Location

Train-Miles from Antonito:5.170

Train-Miles from Chama:58.13

Train-Miles from Denver: 285.87


Source: Rich Muth

Legend has it that in the early 1880’s the Antonito townsfolk confiscated a D&RG locomotive to transport a fellow by the name of Ferguson out to this trestle. As the story goes, he was hung from the coal tender vigilante style. The legend has never been proven as fact.

In 1988, Willie Nelson filmed, "Where The Hell’s That Gold?" on the railroad. During the filming a pyrotechnic display was placed near the trestle causing the wooden structure to catch fire and burn down. The film company replaced the trestle to match its original construction.